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2018-2019 School Year
Assembly Price Sheet
Dennis Regling
The Shows One Assembly
45 Minutes
Two Assemblies;
(scheduled back-to-back)
All Day
3-5 assemblies or
assemblies plus workshops
The Magic In Science $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Does Spaghetii Bounce? $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Fun-Tastic Physics $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
 Super Cool Science Show
Amazing Mysteries of Math $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Amazing Magical Inventions $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
The Weird and Wacky Science Show $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Environmental Science $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Student Authors Day $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
READING: Attack of the Bookworms $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Six Signs of Character $595.00 $695.00 $895.00
Dont Play The Bully Game $595.00 $695.00 895.00
Teacher In-Service Call for details      
Family Magic Show Call for details    

Small school - small budget?
Financial help is available.



Maximum recommended number of students for any one assembly is 299. Larger groups can be accommodated.
All-day programs include 3-5 assemblies at one location or any combination of assemblies and workshops.
10 Minutes required between shows.
Assemblies require 30-45 minutes set-up time, 20 minutes tear down time.
Workshops require 15 minutes set-up time. No set up needed between workshops.


Cash, check, Visa or Master Card.
Balance due in full on or before show date, prior to starting, unless prior arrangements have been made.
Performance fee is considered to be earned upon arrival of performer at show location on show date.
Programs canceled 30 days or more before show date will be rescheduled for a mutually agreeable date.
Programs canceled less than 30 days before show date forfeit any deposit.
Shows canceled due to snow, flooding, catastrophe or other school closings will be rescheduled with no penalty to the school.


Save up to 40% by combining discounts.

Pay in full when booking your program and receive 5% discount.
Book two or more programs and receive 10% discount on each. (One school, separate dates.)
Book same day with another school and each school will receive 25% off.
Book consecutive days with another school and each school will receive 15% off.
Discounts can be combined for maximum savings.





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