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Want to really motivate your students? Want to have an educational program that also keeps students engaged and in a learning frame of mind while they have fun?


Hello, my name is Dennis Regling
Through the years I have helped countless schools across the East and Midwest motivate, educate and inform students with uplifting assembly programs. Now I'd like to help you get your students excited about learning.
I Offer Curriculum-based Fun for Students and Teachers!

School assemblies don't have to be either educational OR fun -- they can be BOTH...which is why Dennis Regling & Company visit some schools year after year after year. Another reason: students AND teachers ask for him to come back.

The key reason: Mr. Dennis' technique which mixes entertainment and information so kids laugh and learn and retain. It has been repeatedly proven that students retain key points when principals have quizzed students after Mr. Dennis' shows on the theme and specific information.




All shows are carefully geared EACH AGE GROUP. There are always several programs to choose from and if your school has a special theme, we can adapt it for you at no additional expense.

Every program includes a special teacher's guide to continue the learning experience after the show.  

Our great shows include: 


Amazing Mysteries of Mathematics: 
You Can't Have Fun Without Math

That is the message of this wonder-filled trip into mathematics.
A King, A Jester, A Possum, and Houdini Add Up To Mathematical Mirth, Amazement & Motivation.With story telling, magical props, audience participation and plenty of volunteers, Mr. Dennis teaches problem solving skills and much more. Students will also learn about many great mathematicians of the past, including Pythagoras, Galileo, Isaaac Newton and Florence Nightingale. Mr. Dennis makes math relevant and interesting for your students in this fast-moving romp through the land of numbers, shapes and oddities. The included special teacher's guide includes many fun mathematical projects to continue the experience in the classroom.


The Magic Of Science:  Our Classic Fun-Filled Science Show.

This is the program that made Mr. Dennis the most in-demand school assembly presenter in the Midwest. Is it a magic show, or is it a science assembly? It's Both!
Using math, physics and chemistry, the students learn scientific principles and how magicians use them to fool us. You will learn about magical events in history and how science has changed our world. This is a fast-moving, exciting show that will have your students and teachers laughing for 45 minutes, while they learn about the Magic Of Science. Hands-On Workshops are available.

Every demonstration includes a detailed, grade level appropriate explanation of the science involved. Explanations not seen in video

Does Spaghetti Bounce?:  States of Matter

The much awaited follow-up to the original Magic of Science.
A show about Liquids, Solids and Gases. Students learn about the states of matter through amazing demonstrations, audience participation and plenty of volunteers. Liquids change color, liquids combine to form a rapidly growing blob of polystyrene and some amazing demonstrations of the gases that surround us. Your students will also learn the answer to the question, Does Spaghetti Bounce?
This is a fast-moving, exciting show that will have your students and teachers laughing for 45 minutes, while they learn about the world around them. Safety and the proper use of safety equipment is stressed throughout the program. Curriculum-based fun. Perfect for grades k-8. Hands-On Workshops are available.

SUPER COOL SCIENCE SHOW : States of Matter and Changes In Temperature

NEW FOR 2014/2015: Super Cool Science is filled with eye-catching science experiments and hands-on demonstrations that explore states of matter and changes in temperature.

Award-winning author, Dennis Regling, makes homemade hot air balloons float, paint cans crush on command, clouds of water vapor erupt from an ordinary glass of water and flash freezes household items in a bath of liquid nitrogen. Learn about Dr. Sylvester Graham's super-food creation, see the incredible shrinking dog and experience science in new and exciting ways. 

During Super Cool Science, Mr. Dennis uses highly visual demonstrations to teach students and teachers how to be life-long learners.

Grades K-12, workshops available.Recommended for Grades K-12 / Workshops available.

science shows for schools


The Hair-Raising Science Show :  Electricity and Magnetism

The science show that puts the sparks back into the circuit and get the volts back into the kids.Your students will experience electricity & magnetism first-hand in this captivating science show! Things will fizz, spark, fly and float in the air.

This show encourages pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of conductors and insulators, static electricity, circuits and electricity generation. Pupils participate in interactive demos and challenges to reinforce how electricity is used in the real world.

Fun-Tastic Physics:  Energy Magnets & Motion

Our third great program in the Magic of Science series.
Science is a process or method of investigation. Your students will learn the scientific method. Improve your students' problem solving skills. Using fun experiments in physics, Mr. Dennis will have your students laughing and learning. Imagine a simple machine that breaks the sound barrier. The Triangle of Terror will have your students and teachers laughing hysterically.
Catapults, Rat Traps, Gyroscopes, History, Magnets, and more come together in this curriculum-based look at the world around us. As the students learn about density, air pressure, kinetic and potential energy, they also learn about their own potential. This fast-moving assembly is both educational and motivational. Recommended for Grades K-9

Amazing Magical Inventions :  And Their Inventors.

Inventions have shaped our world, and we benefit from them daily. Where did they come from? Who invented them? What's next? In this fun, funny and thought-provoking program, Mr. Dennis looks at steam engines, silly putty, light bulbs, peanut butter, and other major inventions that have affected our modern civilization. Inventors like Franklin, Carver, Edison and even an eleven year old inventor are discussed with demonstrations of their inventions. Fifth Grades love this show for their Technology and Inventions Units, but all ages will laugh and learn. 
Our special teacher's guide and posters will help your teachers build on the principles taught in the show. 

The Road To Success:  Six Signs of Character.

Character Education has never been more important - or more memorable. Your students learn about Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust, Friendship and Good Citizenship in this fun program filled with music, magic, puppets and more. An excellent program for all ages and grade levels. Your students will learn to set personal standards and goals and the necessary steps to achieve them.A special emphasis is also put on reducing bullying and building teamwork among your students. Our special teacher's guide and posters will help your teachers build on the principles taught in the show. 

The Weird & Wacky Science Show:  Science Fun, Feats and Facts   

The Weird Science Show is an interactive program keeps the students engaged and laughing while introducing and building upon scientific concepts that compliment and reinforce their classroom studies. 

Students will not only learn about electrons, air flow, air pressure and the areas of scientific studies , but Mr. Dennis also teaches students how they can explore the science around them every day.

The amazing science demonstrations include: an amazing demonstration of the power of static electricity, a memorable lesson in density and the properties of matter, a student’s head seems to grow larger and larger, then shrinks to a smaller size, students help to levitate a board using Bernoulli’s Principle and a powerful air transfer devise, and several more experiments to involving chemistry and physics. The oohs and awes will fill the room.

Recommended Grade Levels: Assembly program: K-8 Workshops: 4-6


C.H.A.N.G.E. Your School :  Don't Play The Bully Game

Dennis Regling has spent 3 years and hundreds of hours researching violence and bullying in schools. He has interviewed teachers, school administrators and students. Now, he has developed an inspiring assembly presentation and a complete anti-bullying program and for K-8 students.

Includes a huge package of materials for your teachers and students. Includes worksheets, role play materials and posters.

Through the 45 minute Don't Play The Bully Game presentation and continuing education materials, your students will learn how to handle stressful situations, how to control their anger and most important, how to avoid or diffuse threatening situations, quickly and safely.

You students and teachers will be equipped to bring a CHANGE to your school.

Not just an assembly, but a complete anti-bully program you can institute in your school throughout the school year and subsequent years. 



What happens when bookworms go bad? It's up to your students to save the day.
They will need the help of Mr. Dennis and a little magic, silly storytelling, puppets, wacky bookworms, funny surprises, a little music, a giant library card and lots of audience participation.
This is 45 minutes of hilarity and fun that:
    Stimulates creative thinking, imagination, and reading comprehension skills.
    Creates positive associations with reading and assigns a substantial VALUE to books and reading.
    Drives home the importance of reading, even in the "real world".
    A special visitor motivates the students to turn off the TV and pick up a good book.


Student Author Day :  Literacy Program: Encourage Students To Write


Author and speaker Dennis Regling presents a 45-minute program filled with books, magic and silly stories designed to inspire your young students to read and to write. Student participation and audience interaction make for a lively and unforgettable show. 

Make your Young Author Day a success.

During the program, students learn the four steps to story writing and create a story right on stage. 

If you also schedule the workshops, grades 4-6, your students will create essays and poems that will be put into a special, professional paperback book. A free copy of the book will be sent within 30 days for your school's library and additional copies will be available for a minimal price. Phone for details.

Also a great library or summer reading program. Grades K-6 

Family Fun Show: 

Sometimes you just need a fun family magic program as a reward assembly or to highlight an evening program. We offer a squeaky clean show that features tradtional magical marvels with games, surprises and audience participation.  




Teacher In-Service Program:  The Creative Classroom.

An exciting lecture based on Dennis Regling's book of the same title. Your teachers will learn new ways to create excitement in their classrooms and motivate their students to better performance. Your teachers will participate in some amazing demonstrations as they explore their own imaginations. This is a 45 minute program. An additional 45 minute hands-on workshop is also available. "Mr. Dennis" always leaves a copy of his book for your school's library, too. 

 For more information on in-service programs: CLICK

Through the years "Mr. Dennis" Regling has helped countless schools across the East and Midwest motivate, educate and inform students with uplifting assembly programs. 



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"I have been teaching science for 28 years. This is the best science assembly and workshop I have ever seen. "


Mrs. Blessinger, Science Teacher
Renwood Elementary School
Parma, Ohio





"I would highly recommend Mr. Dennis to other schools. "


Larry Wilson, Principal
Pennville Elementary School
Pennville, Indiana





"As a fourth grade teacher, I have seen quite a few Elementary assemblies. I can say with certainty that this is the BEST assembly I have ever seen. Mr. Dennis' personality is electric. "


Laura Gentilcore
Center Elementary School
Ellington, CT
















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